When and How to Check a Dog for Ticks (Infographic)

Ticks are a common pest that can cause a host of serious health problems. Thankfully, ticks can easily be removed without professional help if a pet owner knows how and where to find them.

When to Look

Dog should be checked for ticks regularly. However, it’s especially important to inspect them if one of the following scenarios applies:

  • After a walk in the forest
  • After running through tall grass
  • After a stay at a pet kennel
  • If the dog appears weak, sick, has difficulty walking and breathing and/or does not feel like eating
  • If ticks have been found in the house
  • If someone in the home has a tick infestation

Where to Look

It is crucial to check a dog’s entire body for ticks; yet, there are some areas that need special attention, including:

  • Between toes
  • Inside ears
  • Under armpits
  • Around the chin
  • On the face

If one or more ticks are found, these should be removed with either fine-tipped tweezers or a tick removal tool. Carrington College strongly recommends that the dead tick body should then be placed in a jar with alcohol and kept in case the pet develops an infection and a vet needs to know what type of tick bit it.



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