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Having a dog or cat isn’t an easy task – it’s a big responsibility because these pets will become entirely dependent on you to keep them clean, fed, and healthy. This might be the reason why just about every corner of the country relies on PetSmart services – the company offers more than just pet food; they offer complete pet care.

Below is the list of Petsmart service prices:

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Getting to Know PetSmart

If PetSmart sounds like a familiar establishment, that’s because there’s probably one near you. As of 2014, there are roughly 1,352 locations. It is one of the most successful pet care stores in the world and has even opened its doors in Canada and the UK (under Pets at Home).

But it all started back in 1986 when the company was founded as PetFood Warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona. 1987 saw the first two branches open. Back then the company focused solely on pet supplies like leashes, dog food, bird feed, and others.

This changed in 1989 when PetFood Warehouse evolved into PETsMART. It featured a warehouse in the back end and a retail store in the front. With the simple change of name and design, the company quickly grew.

In 1993 the company went public and was officially listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange as PETM. The following year the company founded its charity division, PetSmart Charities Inc., a non-profit organization that fought against pet euthanasia and focused on helping homeless animals.

Major changes occurred again the year 2000. In a plan referred to as “Eagle”, PETsMART re-organized all of their branches to remove the half-warehouse, half-retail store design and transformed them into a standard pet store/pet service establishment.

Then in 2005 the company re-branded itself from PETsMART to PetSmart, adding more emphasis on the “Smart”. This change would identify PetSmart as an all around solutions-center instead of just being a pet store with toys and tools. The name alone would reflect all of the services being offered.

PetSmart Main Services

So what are the services that made PetSmart so famous? Of course there is the retail section where you can find chew toys, leashes, beds, litter boxes, and more. Then there are the numerous PetSmart services such as the following:

Dog Training

If your dog likes to chew on your curtains or your slippers or if it isn’t used to be led on a leash then dog training services are for you. With a professional trainer by your side you will learn how to teach your dog to behave. Everything is in the PetSmart training package, from potty training to voice commands and even a few tricks.

Dog training is essential for new pet owners. If you’ve never owned a dog before then PetSmart training will become a necessity, especially since you’ll learn exactly how to communicate with your new dog.

Training covers everything there is to know and you’ll be accompanied and taught by a professional dog trainer at all times, ensuring you are getting things right the first time through.

Doggie Day Camp and PetsHotel

PetSmart officially acquired PetsHotel in the year 2000 and have merged it with their Doggie Day Camp center. These two facilities give pet owners a reliable place to leave their pets when they are gone.

If you need someone to watch over your cat or your bird while you’re out of town then these are the services you will want to follow up on. Doggie Day Camp is a perfect solution for owners who need to get their dogs out of the house when there are visitors or cleaners.

Pet Grooming

Dog grooming and cat grooming services are available. Grooming services are split into three main categories: pet baths, pet grooming, and Pet Expressions. Pet baths are quite extensive and will guarantee your pet is clean and fresh.

Pet grooming on the other hand offers fifteen minutes of extensive fur brushing, nail trimming, and others. These grooming services will make sure your pet looks as beautiful as possible.

Then there’s Pet Expressions, a service that allows you to add chalking for temporary colors to your pet’s fur, stenciling to give your pet a few pretty designs, and feathers for a more festive and colorful look.

Banfield Vet Services

One of the main issues some pet owners encounter is that their pet store of choice is too far from a certified vet. This is solved with the Banfield Pet Hospital which is available in most PetSmart branches. Now the vet is right there at the store for convenience.

Other Offers from PetSmart

PetSmart services aren’t just limited to the four listed above. With PetSmart’s cooperation with various adoption centers, you can also adopt a pet from PetSmart instead of spending cash to buy one. Of course there aren’t always free dogs or cats available but this service does help save homeless animals from euthanasia, dog pounds, and cruel street conditions.

PetSmart started as a retail supply store and it still offers retail products for pets of all shapes and sizes. You’ll find toys and pet supplies for dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, birds, and more.

Is PetSmart Expensive?

One question most people ask is whether or not PetSmart services are expensive. Since PetSmart offers exquisite pet care and grooming, training, and more it is common for most people to think that these service aren’t cheap but luckily they are.

PetSmart services are incredibly affordable and you’ll even find discount deals and promos from time to time. These become even more available for returning customers and there is also a no-hassle return policy to ensure you and your pet are always satisfied with every purchase and service deal.


Whether you want to get your dog groomed for a special competition or if you just need a place to leave your pet for the weekend then look no further than PetSmart. The facilities are clean and presentable and the numerous PetSmart services cover all your needs and wants. Without a doubt PetSmart is your one-stop shop to get everything and anything you need for a happier, healthier, prettier pet.

For more information about Petsmart services and vaccinations, visit their website.


  1. judy Reply

    I have a red heeler weighs about 43 lbs.
    And I would like to have him groomed. (washed etc) and have his anal glands cleaned. No haircutting. What would be the approx. cost for this service.

  2. April Kowalczyk Reply

    This website just go’s round and round!!! When I go to prices NOTHING!!!?? When I finally found something that looked like prices. $450-$500.I just want to know how much to cut my dogs nails THAT’S IT!! 😤

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