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As one of the most outstanding pet care service providers in the entire North America, Dogtopia is an all in one dog daycare, boarding and spa facility specially designed for dogs. With their focus on your dog’s health and well being, leaving your pet in their care should not be so difficult at all.

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Getting To Know Dogtopia

Since they opened in 2002, Dogtopia has been considered as one of the fastest growing pet care service providers in the country. Because of their unique concept as a one-stop shop for dog care services, they have become one of the most popular options today for those looking for a pet care facility. As of this year, they have over 40 locations in the United States and Canada.

Their facilities are designed to provide your pet with a fun, safe and favorable “vacation”. Their climate-controlled playrooms are specifically designed to provide your pets with a very comfortable stay. Each of their centers features rubber-flooring aids that can help in maintaining your pet’s good muscular health. Additionally, the facilities are installed with CCTV cameras where you can view your pet 24/7 on your phone or computer.

Dogtopia’s highly experienced staff will make sure your dog will feel comfortable and safe in their hands. These caring and knowledgeable individuals have extensive experience in carig for dogs of all sizes and breeds. So when you leave your beloved pet with them, you can be sure they will be well taken care of.

Dogtopia’s Main Services

Dogtopia’s services centers on a child-like daycare center where your furry babies will be treated well and with extra care. Here are some of the services they offer:

Dog Daycare

Whether you need to work long hours or you just want your “kid” to meet new friends and have some fun while getting exercise, Dogtopia’s daycare can help you. The daycare facility features spacious, fully equipped and climate-controlled playrooms where your pets can run, dig, slide and play with other dogs.

Your dog’s day will comprise of fun physical activities that can help develop their health and social skills. Because they will be mingling with other pets and expert caretakers, their behavior and manners will also be developed. A specific time of the day is designated for naptime so they can also relax after a tiring playtime.

Before entering the playrooms, your dog will have to undergo a “meet-and greet” exercise with the staff. This will ensure that your pet is physically and mentally fit to be mixed in with other pets. You pet will also be categorized according to his size and temperament to make sure he will have a comfortable and enjoyable playtime.

Dog Boarding

Dogtopia understands how difficult it is to find a sitter that can take care of your pet while you’re away on a business trip or holiday. This is why they are offering dog boarding for those who need to travel but have no one who can care for their pet while they are away.

Their boarding facilities are properly equipped with everything your pet needs for a good stay. Your pet will have his or her own place to ensure they will be able to rest well.

Dog Spa

Even pets need to relax and be pampered so this is why Dogtopia offers a very relaxing facility where dogs can be cleaned and groomed without causing them any discomfort or stress. The dog spa is more focused on alleviating anxiety your pet may be experiencing for whatever reason.

So whether your pet needs a good bath or trim, you can be sure that all the equipment they use at Dogtopia are specifically designed to provide comfort and relaxation for your pet. Dog spa offers the following services: shampoo and conditioner, nail trim, fluff dry and brush out, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and other grooming services.


Aside from the three major services they provide, Dogtopia also offers pet trainings in some of their locations. These classes are held by expert dog trainers who can help develop your dog’s behaviors as well as teach them useful tricks.

Additionally, while Dogtopia does not sell pups or any other pets, they are partnering with other institutions and adoption centers to facilitate pet adoption events where people can help save animals by taking them into their own home.

Is Dogtopia Expensive?

Dogtopia offers first-class services but they are also a very affordable pet care service provider. All their rates for daycare and boarding are all-inclusive with dog meals, medicine administration, treats and other special requests your pet might need.  So if you are looking for an affordable dog boarding or grooming service, Dogtopia is definitely a great choice.

For more information about Dogtopia or to find a location near you, visit their official website.

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