Mobile Dog Grooming Prices

Mobile Dog Grooming is a professional pet grooming service that comes in customized self-contained vans or vehicles that visit your home to take care of your dog’s grooming needs. Think of it as a home service spa, but this one is specifically geared towards dogs.

Below are the estimated mobile dog grooming prices.

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Getting to Know Mobile Dog Grooming

With a lot of pet care shops available today, mobile dog grooming is probably one of the most preferred choices of dog owners. This is because of the convenience it provides for the dog owner and the personalized attention they provide your pet. While there are a lot of great pet services you can choose from, being able to pamper your pet at the comfort of your own home is definitely favorable for you and for your pet.

The self-contained van used by mobile groomers generally features climate-controlled environment with comfortable bathing station, hydro massage equipments and other equipments need to provide you pet with a relaxing grooming experience.

Aside from the convenience and more personalized care for your pet, mobile dog grooming can also reduce the stress your dog may experience during grooming sessions. Because he or she is more familiar on your home’s environment, it can be easier for them to relax and behave during grooming sessions.

It is also advisable for older pets as it can be difficult for them to tolerate trips to the groomer unlike when they were young. Mobile dog grooming can help you maintain your old dog’s appearance and hygiene, which is very essential to keeping him healthy.

Mobile Dog Grooming Main Services

While the services offered by each mobile groomer can vary, all the services are basically the same as the ones offered in pet care shops. Here are some of the services you can expect from mobile dog groomers:

Dog Bath

Sometimes it can be very difficult to take your dog for a bath specially if you have a very stretched schedule or if your dog have problems with bath time. But now you don’t have to worry because well-trained mobile groomers can give you pet the relaxing bath they deserved.

Dog Hair and Nail Trim

Oftentimes, even experienced dog groomers have difficulty in cutting your pet’s hair and nails because the environment in pet care shops can be stressing. The unfamiliar environment combined with seeing cages and hearing barking dogs may cause this behavior. With mobile dog grooming, your pet can have a calmer experience of hair and nail trimming. Having your dog groomed at your own home can teach your dog that getting groomed is nothing to be scared of.

Teeth Brushing and Ear Cleaning

Like us humans, your pets need to have good hygiene too and this includes having their teeth and ears cleaned regularly. Although we know this for sure, it can be very difficult to attend to all their needs by ourselves.

If simple bath can be stressing to them at times, how much more brushing their teeth and cleaning their ears. So in time like this, you can depend on the trained mobile groomers to these things for your dog at the comfort of your own home.

Other Offers from Mobile Dog Grooming

As mentioned earlier, services offered by mobile groomers greatly vary. Some mobile grooming services focus on your pet’s general hygiene and creative grooming alone while some offer pet health related services.

For a more detailed list of services offered by mobile groomers, you may call or visit the website of your chosen pet care provider.

Is Mobile Dog Grooming Expensive?

Normally, mobile grooming services cost more than regular grooming services. On average, mobile dog grooming costs $10 to $20 higher than the traditional pet grooming offered in pet care shops. But think about how the benefits of mobile grooming can outweigh the added cost you need to spend.

With mobile dog grooming, you don’t have to leave your home and spend hours waiting for your dog to be groomed so it saves you time and effort. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about you pet getting upset or stressed during his or her grooming schedule because it will be done in a more familiar environment.

So if you are having difficulty fitting your dog’s grooming session to your schedule or if you have a dog that gets stressed easily when in unfamiliar settings, mobile dog grooming is your best choice. With this unique service, you can easily maintain your dog’s good hygiene and style in a more convenient and comfortable way.


  1. Donna Yerardi Reply

    I need my 35 ppund super calm, female english spinger spaniel just bathed. Im disabled, cant bend over tub wall. Then my 9 pound yorkie mic female bathes and cut. Both nerd nails cut. Im only Social Security raising 2 orphaned, disabled grand daughters alone. Please please help me as fast as possible?

  2. Donna Haberman Reply

    I am interested in mobile grooming for my Shihon who is 5 months old. I would like her to be bathe and groomed. We live in Bloomfield, NJ and I just want her first experience to be a great one. Can think of a better way than having her groomed right at our front door. I would appreciate contacting asap. Thanking you in advance.

  3. mimi taylor Reply

    i’m in Cambridge. Mydog is a large mini poodle 18-20 lbs, deaf blind and a bit dementia.
    I need for him a bath,hair cu,t nails trimmed, and teeth brushed

  4. Patsy Reply

    I have a cat, would like him to have a bath, and summer cut, I live in Murfreesboro, Tn. Would like to hear from you, thank you.

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    We adopted a dog from Small Dog Rescue, she is a French Bulldog and doesn’t know the strength in her paws. My husband is on blood thinners and I think we need to put on nail caps. Is this something you do? Thanks.

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