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Petco Animal Services is a US based pet specialty retailer with headquarters in San Antonio and San Diego. The company offers a number of unique products, training services and products related to dog training and grooming. Apart from Petco training the company also offers different types of pet food and supplies.

Below is the list of Petco service prices:

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Overview of Petco Services

The company’s services can be divided into four parts: grooming, positive dog training, vaccinations and the Pooch Hotel, a dog daycare service.

  • Grooming: Petco’s Grooming Salon offers a number of solutions and services for taking care of your dog.
  • Positive Dog Training: these consist of rewards-based training classes for different types of puppies and dogs.
  • Dog Vaccinations: the company also offers vaccination clinics run by qualified veterinarians to ensure your pet is healthy.
  • The Pooch Hotel: the Pooch Hotel provides all the essential daycare services your pet needs, including spa services, accommodation, boarding and pampering and grooming essentials.

Professional Level Training

Petco provides positive reinforcement training classes for dogs, ensuring your pet has fun while learning. Besides the pets, you also learn how they think, communicate and learn, which makes interaction easier. Under the guidance of professional dog trainers, you learn how to teach a dog manners and how trust and respect are developed.

Training is divided between puppies and adult dogs, and each one has different levels.

Puppy Training

  • Puppy Level 1: this is a 6 week introductory program for puppies 2 to 4 months old, and it teaches your puppy how to sit, come when summoned, as well as potty training, digging, teething, chewing and more.
  • Puppy Level 2: for puppies 4 to 6 months old, this 6 week class builds upon what was learned in level 1 and expands upon them.
  • Puppy Essentials Package: this includes both puppy levels and a couple of one hour workshops plus loose leash walking and how to prevent jumping.
  • Puppy Complete Package: the complete package consists of the two puppy levels as well as the client’s choice of one of the adult dog training options. You also get a private lesson with a dog trainer and a couple of workshops.

Adult Dog Training

Training options are as follows:

  • Adult Dog Level 1: this is a 6 week program designed to help pet owners communicate better with their dog. Among the lessons covered are digging, barking, jumping, “wait” and more.
  • Adult Dog Level 2: this 6 week training program focuses on the lessons learned in level 1, and it also includes distractions so your dog learns to focus and pay attention regardless of the circumstances. The lessons also include games you can play with your pet.
  • Canine Good Citizen Class: this is for dogs that have graduated from the Adult Dog Level 2 class. Once your dog graduates level 2, he can take this class to prepare for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (AKC CGC) certification, which is given to well trained dogs.
  • Adult Dog Essentials Package: this package consists of both adult dog training classes plus a couple of 60 minute workshops.
  • Adult Dog Complete Package: this consists of all the training necessary to bring your dog to the Canine Good Citizen level. Besides the level 1 and level 2 lessons, the package includes the Canine Good Citizen class, workshops and a private class.

Full Grooming Services

Petco provides your pet with a wide range of grooming and bath services. A full service groom consists of a 15 minute brush out complete with bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, spritz, haircut, blow dry and natural shampooing. For additional pampering you can add a Spa Works service.

In addition there’s a Puppy’s First Bath, designed for puppies 6 months or younger. There’s also a Mini Make Rover that keep dogs clean with toothbrush, ear clean and brush-out.

Other Services

Petco also offers flea treatment and relief, and you can choose which flea shampoo to use, natural medication spritz and moisturizing coat. Shedless treatment is also available, including FURminator undercoat removal, shampoo to reduce shedding, brush-out and hydrating treatment.

Dog owners can also avail of fresh breath products that prevent periodontal disease, removes tartar and plaque and keeps bad breath away. Hydrating and exfoliating treatment is available, essential for removing flaky and dry skin, and pet owners can also avail of an aloe oat bath, paw balm massage, aloe hydrating spray and a hot oil treatment. Petco also provides microchip ID services, which ensures your pet can be quickly identified in case you get separated.

Finally, Petco offers a complete vaccination service for dogs and cats, with different packages available including kitten and puppy packages for those between 8, 12 and 16 weeks old. In addition, the company provides several pest control products that veterinarians recommend, so whether it is fleas, mites, ticks or biting flies, there’s a solution available.

For more information about Petco services and vaccinations, visit their website.


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