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Camp Run A Mutt is a chain of unique cage-free dog daycare and boarding centers featuring safe and well-maintained facilities for your pets. It is one of the most trusted pet care service providers in California and Texas. From supervised accommodation, pet grooming, training and other pet services, they offer it all and more.

Below are the latest Camp Run a Mutt prices.

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Getting To Know Camp Run A Mutt

Dennis Quaglia opened the first Camp Run A Mutt on Indiana Street in San Diego, California in February 2008. As a dog lover himself, he used to dream of an open space where Andy, his Springer Spaniel can play, run and socialize with other pets. Dennis who used to work full-time in an office, thought about creating this “paradise” for Andy since he can’t find one nearby.

And so when an opportunity came for him to acquire an old auto dealership shop, he grabbed it with only tidbits of business knowledge but with so much love for pets. Four months after he purchased the place, the first Camp Run a Mutt become operational.

Unfortunately, Andy passed away. But Dennis continues to honor Andy’s legacy by showing his love and care to every pet he meets at the camp. And as for Andy, he is now immortalized and celebrated as CRAM’s most loved mascot.

Camp Run A Mutt’s Main Services

Camp Run A Mutt pioneered the outdoor park-like pet care centers in California. Whether your “kids” need supervision or training, their qualified and well-trained staff will be glad to help you.

Pet Daycare

Camp Run A Mutt offers a distinctive park-like center with premium synthetic lawns made specifically for dogs. The facilities features splash pond with waterfalls and sundeck, doghouses, dog beds, ramps, bridges and many more.

During mornings, your pets can enjoy fun activities that help develop your pet’s health and nourishes his social skills. On afternoons, they can relax and enjoy naptime with their new friends.

Pet Boarding

If you need to take a night off or you need to be somewhere else, CRAM can take care of him or her for the whole day. They can spend the entire daytime playing with their friends and at nighttime, they can relax cage-free under the supervision of a trained camp counselor.

Because staying outside their home can also be stressful for your pet, their “alpha human” will make sure your pet’s stay is as close as possible to what he or she experiences at home.

Pet Grooming

CRAM knows you want to pamper your “kids” just like how your pamper yourself, and `that’s why they will make sure your pet’s grooming will be like a luxurious spa experience. Aside from the usual grooming services, your pet’s groomer will also check on your pet and notify you if they have other needs to keep them healthy and of course, fabulous!

Campers can be groomed during their day camp while first timers and walk-in customers are kept in a separate area while waiting for them to be picked up. Also, “non-campers” are required to present proof of current vaccinations.

Other Services

Aside from the main services they offer, Camp Run A Mutt also provides trainings and obedience classes for pets. Headed by top-notch trainers Liz and Joel Beckaman, you can be confident that your beloved dog will be well mannered after finishing the course.

“Board and Train” features two-week extensive training program that are held in Liz and Joel’s ranch where your pets will be accommodated for the duration of the training. The facility is designed to be conducive for learning environment where your pet will be safe and secured.

CRAM also offers a “Dog Boutique” where you can get dog supplies like dog food, dog beds, pet toiletries, vitamins and medications. They also sell non-essential stuff like toys, treats, clothing and accessories. How they differ from other pet supplies store? All their products are sourced from trusted vendors so you can be sure that you are only getting the best and safe stuff.

Is Camp Run A Mutt Expensive?

Camp Run A Mutt offers very reasonable prices for their services. Because their prices are all-inclusive, you don’t need to pay extra for any additional service or activity you want your dog to participate in.

We know you only want what is best for your furry friend. Whether you want a temporary home for your pet where he or she can get the attention, care and love he or she deserves or a place for relaxation and pampering, Camp Run A Mutt is an excellent choice.

For more information about Camp Run a Mutt or to find a location near you, visit their official website.

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