Petsmart Grooming Prices

Any pet owner understands that owning one isn’t just about keeping it around the house and feeding it around dinner time. Taking care of a pet takes a lot of time and dedication; you want to train your pet, keep it strong and healthy, and you’ll want grooming services to keep your pet pretty and happy. Of all the companies offering such services, PetSmart grooming is perhaps the most popular.

Below are the latest Petsmart grooming prices.

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History of PetSmart

PetSmart originally started as PetFood Warehouse, way back in 1986. The initial two stores opened their doors in 1987 in Phoenix. At the time, the company focused mostly on providing pet food instead of retail items. This changed in two years when the company re-branded itself to PETsMART in 1989.

By 1993 the company had grown large enough to go public. Before the year ended PETsMART officially went public and was then listed as “PETM” on the NASDAQ stock exchange list. This marked a significant change in the company as it rapidly began to expand in the succeeding years.

By 1994 the company launched PetSmart Charities Inc. This platform became a nonprofit organization designed to find suitable homes for street pets with no owners and to put an end to euthanasia. Several campaigns were born from this effort and several thousands of animals were saved.

1996 then saw the official launching of the PetSmart website.

Major changes began in the year 2000. This was when the company began altering the layout of their branches, changing the half-and-half design to a more streamlined look. The old design, which featured a pet store in front and a warehouse in the back, was replaced with a standard retail design.

This change was then supplemented in 2005 when PETsMART was re-branded as PetSmart, putting more focus on the word “smart” instead of “mart”, allowing the company to market itself as a solutions-oriented pet store instead of merely being a pet supply chain.

Just recently in 2014, PetSmart was acquired by BC Partners for a total of $8.7 Billion.

Services Offered by PetSmart

So why choose PetSmart? The main reason anyone would go here instead of any other pet store is because of the wide variety of services and the very affordable PetSmart grooming prices. Here is a quick look at the different services and products available at PetSmart:

Dog and Cat Grooming

Pets love it when they are properly groomed. From simple baths to fur grooming, nail trimming, and more. The best part is that PetSmart is open for walk-in services. There’s no need to set an appointment to get your pet looking fresh and happy.

If you’re not sure what your pet needs there is also free consultation open for all customers. You can talk to a pet groomer specialist to identify exactly what your dog or cat needs.

Then there are the Pet Expressions grooming services. These are light customization options to give your pet a unique look. These services include temporary chalking, stenciling, and feathering.

Pet Boarding

Need to go somewhere but you don’t want to leave your dog or cat at home? You        don’t have to worry about it anymore because PetSmart also acquired the PetsHotel brand, giving a temporary home to pets that need a temporary place to stay.

PetsHotel is functional 24/7 and you can always count on the service to take care of your pet while you are away.

This also extends to PetSmart’s Doggie Day Care, a facility that will watch over your dog for several hours. This is the perfect spot to drop your dog while you go out for work or when cleaners arrive at your home and need some space to get their work done.

Vet Services

PetSmart is a corporate partner with Banfield Pet Hospital and many of the PetSmart branches feature a Banfield Hospital in them. This gives pet owners reliable vet services right at the store, eliminating the need to drive out to find a clinic.

This becomes a very important service for some since PetSmart allocates space for pets ready to be adopted. You’ll want to give your adopted pet vaccines and regular check-ups right at the store and this Pet Hospital grants you the convenience of being in PetSmart.

Dog Training

Dogs can be difficult. You need to deal with potty training, leash and collar training, chewing, and others. You want to eliminate bad behavior and train them to behave in and out of the house. Luckily, PetSmart provides top of the line trainers to help you.

Training services will not only give you tips on how to make your dog behave better but will also conduct some of the training for you, giving you and your pet hands-on experience so you’ll know what to do at home.

How Much Does PetSmart Costs?

All of these services are great and all but what most people worry is that PetSmart grooming cost a little too much for some. Luckily, this fear is unwarranted as all these grooming services come at very low prices. PetSmart focuses on top of the line pet care and not corporate finances.

This is also why there is a no-hassle return policy and numerous gift cards offered for loyal customers.

Affordability isn’t just in regards of the products and services but also on the pets they offer. PetSmart is one of the few establishments in the country that offers pets to be adopted. That’s right – you don’t always have to buy a pet because you can adopt those without a home, saving them from euthanasia or from crueler environments like dog pounds.


PetSmart grooming prices are relatively affordable, you can adopt pets or buy them, and there is often a reliable veterinarian at the Pet Hospital for all your pet needs. Why look anywhere else when PetSmart has all the amenities and services you could ask for?

Whether you are looking for a place to let your dog or cat stay for a few days while you’re out for vacation or if you just want to give your pet a nice bath, brushing, and TLC then PetSmart grooming is all you’ll ever want and need. It’s affordable and it’s complete.

For more information about Petsmart, visit their official website.


  1. Helen Polidore Reply

    My lhasa apso is always groomed by Christine. She is out because she is having hand surgery. I brought my dog today and was told Christine’s “backup”, Sophia would groom her. Well she didn’t and I am really dissatisfied – and to top it off they didn’t say anything but was handed a bill with an increase from $45. to $47. Well, like many others who no longer deal with the pet hosp. much less the grooming salon, I will now be taking my dog to Petco! It’s all about nickeling and diming folks and I don’t entertain that garbage .

    • Debbie Sanderson Reply

      Your complaining about $2 difference if the pet was done as you wanted what’s $2 More.

    • Madison Reply

      How much does it cost to get my guinea pigs nails clipped here?

  2. Vickie Franks Reply

    You use to send me coupons for grooming, I have two dogs that I take there. But haven’t had any coupons in awhile now. Please send me some. Thanks

  3. Belinda Brumley Reply

    I have been caning to you for the bast four years and you always had coupons but for the last three years I can’t find any in the mail or on line, but you keep raiseing you prices, I guess it time to take the drive and go back to my old groomer.
    Her prices always stayed the same and she was a lot cheaper then yours, but I moved and you were closer and did a good job and the price was ok with a coupon, but now even with a coupon you are over priced. I have a real small dog and I pay the same as a large Dog? Not happy!!!

  4. Kathy Reply

    We went here because of the coupons. Where are they! Are you not giving them out anymore? You are more expensive than our past groomer. Please reply.

  5. Ann. Preston Reply

    Are there any coupons available for dog grooming? I would appreciate one I go to Brannon Crossing in Nichlosville Ky. Thanks

  6. William spencer Reply

    Very dissatisfied , we took our 10 month golden doodle for grooming. She did have matting but certainly not on legs and face. They made no attempt to save any of her hair . They took the easy route and shaved her head to toe , except for tail. . The grooming wasn’t even smooth , with gaps (uneven).
    We are not happy. Will not return. To be fair , we brushed her daily as we were instructed by the breeder (teddy bear golden doodles) we should have been using a comb. Petsmart oxford, ms.

    • Des Reply

      You cannot be mad at the groomer for shaving the dog for your negligence. Before getting a doodle you should have educated yourself on their grooming needs. And shame on your breeder for not showing you. That alone tells me you went to a BYB for a doodle.
      It is extremely painful for the dogs to comb and brush out matting. Shaving the dog was the most humane thing to do. Hopefully you as an owner does better in the future so your dog doesn’t suffer.

  7. Katie Reply

    Way to expensive! I pay a local groomer only $22 for my small dog! Why is petsmart charging so much your prices are double!

  8. Costadina Reply

    There was a groomer at the Fremont Pet Smart named Nathan does anyone know where he went?

  9. Anonymous Reply

    I’m a dog groomer I used to work for Petsmart. I strongly encourage everyone to find a local groomer to take your animals to. The back of most salons have mold and mildew in the bathing area. Petsmart is a retail store and is not set up for those groomers to be able to spend the time with each dog that it needs. Petsmart wants them in and out, more money. That’s all it’s about. Please find a private grooming salon. Your dog will thank you.

    • FourPaws Reply

      thank you anonymous, I couldn’t agree more. Petco and Petsmart might seem cheaper, but everything is a la cart and ends up being much much more. Support your local grooming business!!!! They’re in it for the dogs, not the money like big businesses are.

  10. Patricia Lafleur Reply

    The cost is way to high for a small dog . Ridculos . I have a 5 lb Morkie I just adopted

  11. Carol G Reply

    Recently moved from the west coast to Colonial Heights, Va. and just called to ascertain grooming costs for my standard poodle. PetSmart is basically $50.00 ( Fifty) dollars overpriced from even Las Vegas. My dog gets a very simple cut, he is shaved down and his poms are trimmed and fluffed as well as his ears and top. Really, you people at Petsmart need to get a grip. I was considering signing my pup up for social play but if there is yet another large fee attached, no way.

    Good job PetSmart you’ve lost yet another customer.

  12. MKL Reply

    I brought my MINIATURE Australian Shephard (20 pounds, 14″ at the withers at the most) in for bathing and a trim to the Casa Grand,AZ store in March, 2017. Price: $24.99
    Six weeks later I took the same dog to the Oro Valley store for the exact same bath and trim. Price: $57. The receipt says “Springer Spaniel” (weight 40-50 pounds, 1820″ height female average). How the heck my dog come in close to a Springer?
    NOT going back. If you cannot identify a dog to something closer than that, you shouldn’t be in the business.

  13. Christine Fink Reply

    I also went to petsmart to have my small dog groomed. It was $45.00 too much for me. I now take her to “a dogs dream” on state road in Parma. The cost was around $20.00 a they did a great job!!!

  14. Danielle Reply

    Coming from a groomer… If anyone is still charging 20 some for their grooming services they are under cutting themselves. (unless they are beginners, learning) It was that price decades ago. This is not an easy job. Also 5 pound dogs aren’t easier than a 15 pound dog. In fact, maybe harder due to them being so tiny. Not an issue, just trying to bring some understanding. Also please understand that if a dog is matted it isn’t specifically taking the easy way out by shaving them. Depending on how severe it is, it can be impossible to brush out. Some dogs don’t tolerate brushing well either. It isn’t worth the stress put on your dog. The hair will grow back. Comfort over vanity.

  15. Tiff Reply

    I agree with Danielle and I used to work for PetSmart grooming. Not all stores staff are the same. Just because one grooming salon doesn’t meet your standards doesn’t mean you need to take it out on all the stores salons. Not to mention the groomers are the ones risking getting bit, scratched, pooped, & peed on, not the pet parent bringing them in. It also irks me when a pet parent is complaining that their groomer is taking too long when the pet parent is standing in the window watching the dog getting groomed and in the process getting the dog excited (and therefore making them harder to groom – I ask this person, do you do that at your private groomer). There is usually a reason people don’t clip there own dogs nails or fur. Grooming is an art form and groomers should be paid as such. They are only getting a portion of what you are paying anyways (50% of $40.00). They also have to pay for their own equipment & have to keep up on it, too. But how many of you think to tip your groomer like you would a hair stylist. Think about it, how much are you willing to pay to have your own hair done and that is just on your head – now think of your dog who has hair all over its body. Also, whether its a 5 lb yorkie or a 200 lb mastiff, they all still have a mouth full of teeth & not all of them are trained – Does your hair stylist have to worry about you biting him/her because there is a knot in your hair. People want to think of their dogs as their babies but complain the second money is involved. Just take a moment to think about this the next time you take your dog to their groomer.

  16. Julie Reply

    I took my standard poodle to PetsMart.
    It was the closest grooming place to me. They charged $65 bath and shave like ke always gets. I then book for 6 weeks out. They charged me $100 and put on his pawgress report that he was in perfect condition. The manager happened to be standing there and took the bills and automatically reduce them back down to $65. I booked for 6 weeks out again this time they charged $100 again and I asked why do you keep trying to charge me $100 and they said because they are trying to weed out larger dogs my dog is 42 pounds and again his progress report stated he was in perfect condition. I call the surrounding PetSmart and they to give me the price of $65. But then they pull up your old records and say but they were charging you $100 so we will charge you $100 also. The PetsMart groomer stated they preferred to do small dogs and by overcharging or messing up a groom was the only way to get larger dog grooms to quit coming back. PetsMart discriminates against larger poodles. They over charged based on their standard published rates. If someone is quoted $65 and then they pick up their dog and it’s $35 more there’s no way they can tip a groomer on top of it because a $35 tip got built in and there’s nothing you can do about it but pay and find a groom salon. And get your dog food/treats at Tractor Supply, Walmart, or

  17. John Doe Reply

    Because if they do that to 100 customers a day, that’s $200. Just like convenience stores charging different prices on 1 item. Think about it lady!

  18. Donald Reply

    I got hired right away after my first interview at PetSmart due to the fact that I graduated from a reputable grooming school. Soon after working there I noticed that the grooming manager would take my tip and break it in half and pocket it because she helped me for 10 minutes completing the face. The manager’s name was Maria and she had foul body odor everyday. She was a disgusting individual. I would understand if she took half my tip if she took half the grooming time to complete the dog. I approached the store manager and notified him about this theft and the next day the grooming manager pulls me aside and tells me that she has to let me go because she claimed that I didn’t follow PetSmart’s safety protocols. Meanwhile I never ever even nicked a dog while I was employed there however I witnessed other experienced groomers cut dog’s tongues off. Maria was such a good liar that her and her district manager all teamed up on me and escorted me out of the store. She fired me because she was embarrassed that I told on her.
    PetSmart is a bad place that price gouges you by nickle and diming you for every little thing such as the addition of conditioner. This place left a foul taste in my mouth

  19. Bobbie Washington Reply

    Wow… after reading these comments im almost afraid to take my Yorkie here for his very first grooming. We’re from Dallas Tx and PetSmart is just minutes from my home…i guess I need to research other grooming place 🤔

  20. Gladys Reply

    Hello, I rescue this cat and he really needs to be groom his a DLH and his very dirty I will like to know if you will be able to groom him and how much and which Petsmart will be available, thank you

  21. Marissa Kuntz Reply

    It easier for the dog and less traumatic to just shave. Shaving for a groomer is by no means “the easy route” it is way more labor intensive because yiu have to be careful with a blade to avoid clipper burn or cutting. Dematting is also horrible for the coat. You’re stripping the coat to demat it and making it more susceptible to matting in the future.

  22. Tee Wray Reply

    Will someone give me a estimate of tge cost fur grooming a Maine Coon. 9 years old🤔

    • Tee Wray Reply

      Will someone give me a estimate of the cost for grooming a Maine Coon 9 years of age🤔Sorry for the typos in 1st post….

  23. Tee Wray Reply

    Will someone give me a estimate of the cost for grooming a Maine Coon 9 years of age🤔Sorry for the typos in 1st post….

  24. John Calvin Reply

    Thanks for sharing your Petsmart grooming prices with us. I love the way you broke down each individual service and the price associated with each. It was interesting to read the history of Petsmart. It was also great to see how they started out as a pet food warehouse and how they’ve grown over the years.

  25. Tiffany Smith Reply

    PetSmart is the most expensive and the most careless big box groomer around! I used to be friends with a woman who was apparently a big deal at their Corporate Office. She always told me stories about how dogs got cut, nail quicks cut too short, fell off tables resulting in injury, etc.
    No thanks. That’s a hard NOPE from me!

  26. Dr. Mike Reply

    I love your post about Petsmart Grooming Prices. I love how you’ve broken down the history of the company and what the company originally started as. I also appreciate that you’ve included their current prices and services!

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