7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Dog Crate

A lot of pet owners think crate training can be harmful for their pets. On the contrary, dog crates can give your dog a sense of security, protection and comfort. Unlike what other people believe that dog crates are like cages, crates are just like dens or doghouses inside your house.

Aside from the security it provides your pet, a dog crate can be a great tool for training your dog. Unwanted breakages at home and destructive chewing can be controlled easily by using dog crates. Additionally, dog crates are used for safe travels on land, seas or air.

Dog crates are normally sold on pet supply stores like Petsmart. But before you purchase a dog crate for your beloved pet, consider these important things first:

  1. There a several types of dog crates but the most preferred ones are wire crates and plastic crates. Wire crates are advisable for those who live in warmer regions since this one provides good ventilation. Usually, wire crates are foldable and can be easily stored when not in use. This type normally comes with a removable floor tray, which is really ideal for easy cleaning. Plastic crates on the other hand are not advisable for those living in places with warm weather because it provides poor air circulation. However, it can be ideal if you are traveling by air with your dog. It is also difficult for a dog to escape from this type of crate.
  2. The ideal size of crate is the one that will allow your dog to stand up, stretch, turn around and lie down cozily. This can be tricky specially for growing dogs. However, there are crate dividers available for some brands. This will allow you to expand or shrink the crate when needed. You can purchase a bigger crate even if your pet is still a puppy and you can still use it when he or she gets bigger.
  3. You can’t just place your dog crate anywhere in the house. Because dog crates are primarily used to train your dog, placing it in a room where your pet can observe how family members interact is ideal for him to be trained easily. Most pet owners would agree that placing your dog’s crate in the living room during daytime and in bedroom during nighttime is the best way to crate-train your dog.
  4. A durable crate will usually cost you about $50 to $125. I know this may sound a bit pricey for a dog accessory. But think of how its benefits can outweigh its price. Come to think of it, by using dog crates you are actually lessening housebreaking and destructive chewing. Thus, saving you dollars for furniture repairs. And more importantly, you are also making sure your pet feels safe and secure all the time.
  5. What if you have to remain inside your room for some time without your phone, laptop or even a book to read. It can be really boring, right? The same thing happens to your pet when left inside the cage. Obviously, you don’t want your pet to feel bored. To help your pet stay entertained and happy inside his or her cage, it is advisable to put your pet’s favorite toy inside the crate. However, you need to make sure there is nothing inside that can cause harm to your pet. Remove the things that can cause you pet to choke when swallowed.
  6. Giving your dog some treats is important during crate training. In fact, this can be their motivation to go inside without forcing them to do so. However, it is not advisable to ALWAYS place treats in their crate as this can also condition their minds to expect treats all the time. The key is to control the training and reward system so you pet will grow to be a happy and obedient dog.
  7. Although dog crates are primarily used to train dogs to have better manners, this can also be their own safety place. Consider placing some washable soft bedding inside so they will enjoying staying there.

When used properly, dog crates can be very helpful for you and for your pet. Remember that it takes few steps and some patience to place your dog inside the crate or he will end up hating it when you force him to go inside. Guide your pet slowly. And soon, you will be surprised when your pet realizes that his or her crate is a place where he or she can be safe and secured.

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