Ways to Care for Your Pregnant Cat

It’s getting warmer and spring is in full swing when you notice your cat being extra affectionate. It’s perhaps that she’s pregnant – and in 65 days you will have a big bunch of kittens in the litter box.

Cats are creatures who get pregnant a lot. Most is 7 times, that is why you might want to consider having her spayed so she will not be in heat anymore. But if you are expecting a bunch of kittens, then it’s good to know what to do. After all, she is called a Queen for a reason, and she expects to be treated that way.

When a cat is in early stages of pregnancy, you can notice behavioral changes already. She can be more irritable and her nipples are more pink than usual. She will also have milky discharge. Her belly will have an odd round shape too. If you think that your cat is pregnant, take her to the vet and ask for an ultrasound.

Like a pregnant woman, queens will encounter changes in her body and moods. To be able to adapt to this, take these tips.

1. Create a comfortable space for your queen.

A pregnant cat is noisy. She is in great discomfort and she will endlessly complaining about it. She will purr and meow more often, and she will act as if she will need more attention than usual. The best way to comfort her is to put blankets on her kittening box. To introduce her to the idea, leave treats in the box.

2. Give her more food.

Because she is eating for five to six more cats inside her, not to mention herself, be generous with the feeding. She will be needing a lot of nutrients and you must provide this for her. A pregnant cat, of course, is more immobile, so make sure her feeding tray is near her box. She will also have odd cravings so she might start eating dirt. However, if this persists, better check with the vet. She might be lacking in minerals and would need to take on supplements. At the later part of the pregnancy, mix a portion of protein like fish so she will not be malnourished as she supports her growing kittens. Continue on this increased diet while she is breastfeeding.

3. Forget toilet training.

The best and most sanitized way for pregnant cats to defecate for now is the litter box. If you have toilet trained your cat, it will be difficult for her to get to the potty. Best to have the litter box close to her bed and keep paper on the surrounding areas.

4. Clean hard to reach areas.

Your queen’s size at the later parts of her pregnancy will make it harder for her to clean herself. Make sure that you do this for her to avoid infections or irrritations.

5. Keep the birthing area quiet.

Cats need to focus when giving birth. This is why her birthing surroundings should be quiet. The labor process can stop suddenly when the queen is distressed. Have your children stay away from the cat box as they might start prodding on the new litter, plus the new momma will be extra defensive. The birthing process will take a while, and she might even take a rest in between kittens but make sure that it is not longer than two hours. Call your vet immediately if you notice that your pet is dozing off longer than usual. Expect that there will be discharge from the vulva but if you notice any weird colored discharge, let the vet know.

6. Transfer them to a warm and comfortable place.

kittens quiet and comfortable areaThe kittening box must be clean, soft and warm for the new family. If you have a dog, make sure that the box is out of your dog’s reach. Let your kids know that proper care should be given to the cats. The same is true with houseguests. The new momma will be defensive and she will bite or scratch anyone whom she feels is a threat to her new kittens.

7. Give them lots of milk.

Your queen and her kittens will be excited for milk. Make sure that they get their double servings of milk and water.

Soon enough, your kittening box will be empty and the young cats will be up and about, curious to explore your home. Do not forget that the queen will still need her upkeep, and will be needing more attention as she nurses. Bring her to Petsmart and the new momma will appreciate the much needed break.

Caring for your pregnant queen can be easy, and with a lovely family of litter in your home comes more responsibilities. Make sure that you are ready for this, or if you are to open the kittens for adoption, ensure that the new owners give the same good care as you did with their mom.

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