Best Ways to Live with a Disabled Dog

When you see a dog with three legs, you would likely feel sad and a little broken hearted for it. Most people who feel bad about dogs go the extra mile and actually adopt disabled dogs and care for them in a way that is easy for owner and pet.

Many pet owners say that they are happy with their pets despite their conditions. They also say that having a disabled pet is just like having a toddler in the house, and it is not too difficult.

Having a disabled pet at home isn’t any more difficult than having a healthy and fully functional pet. Aside from bringing all the extra love in the home, a disabled dog can be fun and extremely entertaining.

Here are ways to enjoy life with a physically challenged pet.

1. Help them to become mobile

The first task that you would have to do for dogs who suffer from illnesses that affect mobility, is to buy aids that will help them move around. These diseases are displaced hips, arthritis or spinal disorders that need will perhaps make them immobile for the rest of their lives.

There are tools that can be purchased such as wheelchairs or special leashes. There are wheelchairs that can strapped to their backs. Special leashes that support the torso and their hind legs can also assist them in walking.

2. Monitor their weight

If your dog has a hard time running or walking around, make sure that your dog follows a meal plan that will make him maintain his current weight or not go overweight. Make sure that your pooch only eats what is recommended by the veterinarian. It would be healthier for your pet if he eats organic food to keep away from sodium and harmful chemicals in his food.

3. Build a routine

Dogs who require special care will rely on you to establish order in their lives. Because of the extra care they need, they will take more time from you than your other disease-free pets. For example, dogs with diabetes would need blood sugar monitoring. For you to be able to adjust properly, make a schedule and stick to it.

It would also take longer to accomplish tasks with dogs with disabilities. So allot more time for activities of walking, bathing and grooming. Some might even need therapy. With a routine, your pets will get used to the idea of their daily activities and the tasks will be easier to do.

4. Little things create big results

When living with a disabled cat or dog, little things like putting the feeding bowl higher will definitely help. Especially for pets with arthritis, reaching for the bowl or climbing into the car is a bigger task. Create a comfortable lounging area for them so they can get proper relaxation time.

Make sure that your pets are well taken care of. Sometimes pets with diseases are more moody than usual, so a comfortable and warm bed helps both you and your pet live in harmony.

5. Seek alternative treatments

For pets with special needs, treatments like acupuncture or water therapy might be necessary. Research on ways of making your pets’ lives and discover a better fulfilling life as a pet parent.

There are also terminally ill pets that no longer require the services of the veterinarian. In this case, alternative treatments might be needed.

6. Always consult a professional

Consultations with your vet is a requirement and must be done regularly. There is activities, food, or additional grooming that is needed to be accomplished for your pet with special needs. Your veterinarian will be able to provide you will all of the information that you’re pet requires.

There are facilities around the country that offer help to pets with special needs. There are states that have open spaces, parks, and emergency services for pets. If you wish to adopt a disabled pet, then go to a hospice or an animal shelter.

Disabled pets deserve to be well groomed too. Products and services by PetSmart are appropriate for all types of dogs and cats, disabled or not.

Make sure that your pets find a life which is well-balanced despite their disabilities. You will find out later on that taking care of your disabled pet by using products by PetSmart will make you a happier and more fulfilled pet owner.

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