Modern-Day Pet Shops

In recent years, the business of taking care of pets and making them look their best experienced a boom. Although caring for dogs and dressing them up has been an existing practice for a long time now, it is only in recent years that majority of pet owners have become more dedicated in making sure their pets look fashionable and properly cared of.

Why is that so? Dog shows and similar events are seen as the main reason for this pet-grooming trend. Pet owners became greatly inspired to invest on their pet to figure in shows, if not to simply stand out in the crowd.

But it must be noted that pet salons like Dogtopia are more than just about trimming nails and keeping your pet’s fur silky and shiny. There are lots of other services available to ensure that your animal companions are well cared for.

Animal Health and Wellness

First on the priority list is your pet’s health and wellness. Grooming salons are mostly one-stop shops that offer vaccination services and regular vet checks.

For many pet owners, vet checks are only required when their pooch is sick. That is not the way to go if you want your pets to live longer and happier. As many animal experts would agree, healthy pets are happy pets. You need to get the proper guidance on caring for them by getting it first hand from a veterinarian. Aside from expert advice on how to feed your dog and keep them in an ideal environment, vets are also useful in tracking health problems before they cause optimum discomfort for you and your pet.

Pooch Hotel and Training Services

Another amazing service offered by pet shops in the modern day is a temporary space where you can leave your dog or make him learn a few tricks or more while he stays.

Hotels for dogs gained so much popularity because millennials are so into traveling and seeing the world and unfortunately, taking their doggie loves is not always a possibility. In that case, several establishments offer a temporary nesting place where your beloved pet will be closely watched, properly fed, and walked from time to time. They appeal to pet owners a lot because they offer a loving environment where pets can thrive and improve their socialization skills.

If you want dedicated animal training, pet salons also have provisions for that. The experts who run pet shops are mostly expert breeders and trainers who got the best idea on developing your pooch’s positive behavior. For starters, they can learn to mingle and be around with other dogs as well as humans they are not used to seeing. You may also enroll your dog in trainings where his skills and abilities will be honed to come prepared for the next big event you are joining.

Especially if you are not very knowledgeable about pet behaviors, it is a must that you enlist your non-human friend to any suitable course that will harness good training and behavior – the elements of becoming successful later in life. Then, keep practicing at home as part of your playtimes. The thing with owning a pet is you need to be proactive. Pets require companionship, quality times, and lots of attention. Your commitment is necessary.

Pet Grooming

Then, there is pampering. Grooming salons were previously viewed as an expensive part of pet ownership. These days, however, they are regarded as a necessity. They are even figured on pet owner’s monthly budget.

Ideally, pets must be brought for professional grooming every six to eight weeks, depending on the kind of lifestyle that you lead or the appearance you want for your pooch. Mostly, an appointment includes nail trims, a haircut, flea treatments, and an extensive bath. Pets are brought to salons to enjoy luxurious pampering, just how humans normally do it.

In between your grooming schedules with the professionals in Dogtopia, you must also learn to groom your pet on your own, especially on giving baths at least once weekly. This should include a round of keeping the paws, nose, teeth, and ears clean as well as brushing the coat gently to give it a silky touch. Professional grooming is wide-ranging. That’s why you need to incorporate it in your doggie budget for best results, even if you know you can do it on your own. Maintaining coats and hair trimming are especially challenging for the inexperienced.

Pet care is obviously a demanding and daunting task. If you are not prepared to exert some effort, time, and money, you might not be prepared to own a pet altogether. You have to be mindful of what they eat and where they sleep. You are also responsible for how they behave. If you want to help them develop positive behavior and keep them healthy and happy, you need to put in time and effort to see to it that they are properly cared for.

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