Letting Your Pet Join a Dog Show

There are dog events everywhere. If you’re thinking of letting your pet join these shows, then you better start prepping them for stardom as early as now.

Before bringing your dog to Petco for grooming, you must first establish what kind of dog show or event you are going to take part of. Is it to celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving? Is it a breed-specific event or a form of socialization across different breeds? Is it a costume party or you simply need to bring out your pet’s best foot forward acting as himself?

The time and place also matter as you choose the right outfits for your pet. Is it happening during Summer or Winter? Is the event scheduled early in the morning, late afternoon, or in the evening? Dressing according to the weather is as important as dressing right for the occasion.

That said, you must find out if there is a theme or motif and why the event is being held in the first place. Pieces of information pertaining to the event are very important to know if your pet would fit right in, how to dress your pup in the proper attire, and how to dress to impress.

Knowing what kind of event you are entering your dog into will also give you an idea about the eligibility requirements. For most, you cannot simply walk into the event and join. There is a qualification and registration process that you must go through to become eligible. Once you secured the ticket to the event or the show, you can start prepping up your pet for it.

Going to a Pet Salon for Some Pampering

Prior to the event, at least one or two days before, you must take your dog for extensive grooming. Pet salons can make a huge difference through services that will make your dog neat, clean, and fresh.

You can have your pet’s hair trimmed for a neat finish, his coat conditioned for a silky effect, and even get a chalking service to change the color of his hair and coat to match the show. Pet grooming shops also provide extensive bathing, nail trimming, and lots of other routine pampering that will not only make your dog look good but feel good as well.

After a luxury bath and pampering routine, your dog will come out looking beautiful and smelling really nice.

Dog Trainings Will Do the Trick

For dog shows where your pet is expected to wow the audience you will need to train your pet beforehand. Petco also offers animal training sessions for this purpose.

Animal training centers offer courses to make your dog learn specific tricks. But more than just for the show itself, they could help your dog learn the art of socializing with other dogs and their owners. Being familiar with a crowd can control any issues that might agitate your pet and keep everything uncomfortable for everyone at the event.

Even when you enlist your dog to these trainings, you still need to play your part in making sure that he is able to use all the tricks he’s learned. That means, you need to practice at home. It does not matter if it is just a short period of time. What matters is that the lessons stick so when it is time to attend the event, your dog is well prepared while you can beam with confidence.

Most dog shows would place high ranks on good movements and good behavior as well. To win it, all it takes is for your dog to “put up a show”, nothing less.

Start with Local Clubs Before Joining Major Shows

Make it a step-by-step process for you and your dog. If this is your first time to join a dog show, it is ideal to stick to small, local events first with fewer participants. This will help you to get a feel of how it’s like and also see how your dog fares.

There is no better way to measure your dog’s preparedness in socializing with others and putting up a show than trying it out for real. Once you manage being in small leagues, aiming for the major shows would not seem to be too ambitious.

Entering a dog show can be fun but it’s also challenging. Your pet needs time getting used to such kind of events before joining the big leagues. It does not matter if you fail in the first few tries. You should not lose heart because just like with anything in life, you just have to keep trying and have fun.

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