Reasons Why Cats Rule the World

There is an on-going debate over which animal is better – a cat or a dog. Over the history of the world, cats have been recognized as a figure for greatness and opulence. In ancient Egypt, cats were a symbol of grace and poise. The Egyptian goddess Mafdet had a lion’s head. The goddess that came after her was the cat goddess Bast which symbolized fertility, domestication and motherhood. All in all, cats symbolized power and authority.

This ancient symbolism is what we still are familiar today. The lion is still a symbol of power and strength. We still inherently think of intelligence when we see a cat.

As pet lovers, we are drawn by these qualities and more. We love the house cat because she is loyal and smart. She is a great friend to have at home. There are numerous reasons why people love cats and here are the top reasons why.

1. They are independent.

Cats are very independent animals. Compared to dogs, cats are known to fend for themselves even when left alone. They are not like dogs who have a child-like dependency on their owners. Cats can go about and curiously study her surroundings with confidence.

2. They are intelligent.

In a recent study, scientists have concluded that cats do not respond when they are called not because they don’t know their name. They don’t respond to when they are called because they know they don’t need to.

This is just one of the astonishing smarts of the cat. They know they can live on their own and fend for themselves, and they do not owe you anything! However, in most cases they are just too busy tracking down mice.

3. They are a powerful rat exterminator.

They have a very keen sense of hearing. That’s why they can sense a rat from the basement and can pounce on them with no problems. Cats are the best alternatives to pesticides and rat poisons. Keeps her alert too.

4. They are clean and can be toilet trained.

Cats are so brilliant that owners can actually train them to use the potty just like a regular person. Cats can clean themselves too, which saves a lot of time on our part. However, it is still best to have them groomed by Petco to make sure that she is mite and bacteria free.

5. They are affectionate.

Most people who don’t know cats are actually very affectionate animals. They like it when their owners are around. There was a study that revealed that cats released more stress hormones when their owners were not in the home. They became less active, which is a sign of anxiety.

Cats also release more stress hormones when they are being caressed or petted. This means that cats like their owners to be around but they get hurt when they are being petted. It’s not because they hate you.

6. They occupy a little amount of space.

Unlike dogs who need a big space to run and be active, cats can maneuver in small spaces. That’s why they are perfect to have in small apartments or rooms. They hardly take up any room because they can literally flex themselves to curl up into a very small ball.

7. They can be entertained even with a paper bag.

Why Cats Rule the World - They're entertained by paper bagsIt doesn’t take much to keep a cat happy. Toss her a paper bag and she will love the crunchy sounds it makes. Her toys can range from a ball of yarn to a box with holes. You can keep her even if you can’t afford fancy toys or food. If worse comes to worst, she’ll eat the rat in the basement.

Since grooming and washing is done very minimally, the maintenance cost of having a cat is small.

Cats are largely misunderstood creatures but people are still fascinated by her. It takes a lot to understand her, and maybe slightly more intelligence is required to know what she’s up to. She rubs up to your leg because she is leaving her scent on you, more like a dog peeing on a hydrant. She marks her territory well and if she leaves her mark on you, you know she likes you.

There are people who get confused with cats because they would rather have love in the way dogs express it. Dogs love their owners like children love their parents. It’s dependent on the pet parent. Once the pet parent leaves, then the dog is lost.

Truth of it is, people are crazy about cats because they can express love too. Cats are loyal and will show you that she will be with you all the way. She just needs more understanding and compassion.

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