How to Become the Most Loving Pet Owner

Keeping a pet is just like being a parent. When we take a pet into our lives, we decide to take on certain responsibilities to become the person who will nourish and take care of the pet as if they are our children.

There are different parenting styles and we are all free to choose whatever style suits us. Whatever style we follow, the goal should always be to be the best and the most loving pet owner.

Start with the Right Information

A loving pet owner is a responsible pet owner. Before taking on a pet, study your lifestyle carefully. How much space do you have? Do you like outdoor activities? Do you live with children or elderly people?

These are just some of the questions that you have to ask yourself. Eventually, your research will show which pets are suited to your way of life. Some pets are good to take on long hikes and some pets are good to put at home.

There are pets which are good with small enclosed specs while there are dogs who need to run around a spacious yard. If you do not have time to toilet train pets, then you might need a pet that needs less clean-up work. Read about them and study which pet is suited for you.

Train your pets well

If you opt to take a dog as a pet, then it is very important that you train her well from the very beginning. You should teach your pet the basics about good behavior from the moment she sets foot on your home.

Many dogs are euthanized because owners fail to make their pets obedient to them. It’s sad that dogs have to suffer because the owner was too lazy or did not assert themselves properly.

Training should be a family effort

Before you start training your pet, discuss ground rules with other members of the family. Make sure that everybody understands that you are to enforce the rules together and as consistently as possible.

Pets respect their owners more if they are firm and calm. They can sense hesitation and fear, and don’t react well with this, and eventually become insecure and afraid. Members of your family should be aware of this as well and be as firm as you when teaching your pet.

Care for your pet well

Your pet needs proper caring and grooming. Be careful and do not overfeed them. Give out treats as rewards for good behavior only. Pets should only be fed on the amounts specified by the vet. This is to avoid obesity and other health complications brought about by over feeding.

If it’s possible to alternate dog food and fresh food, then do it. It is great when pets eat fresh meat. You limit them from eating harmful chemicals and they will in turn be healthier.

Don’t forget to bring them to Petco for grooming. Consult their experts on how to maintain your pet’s coat at home. Grooming and washing stops the growth of insects and bacteria in areas which are hardly cleaned like ears and teeth.

Let your pets socialize

A lot of behavioral problems with dogs start because dogs are incapable of interacting with other people and other animals. This is why letting your dogs out to mingle is very important.

When dogs socialize, they get to practice their inherent social behavior. They meet other dogs and learn that other dogs are not a threat to them. Training them on how to behave around other people is important too. Dogs will learn that not all people are threatening through socialization.

Create activities for your pets

It is a misconception that cats do not need exercise. As a loving pet owner, you should provide ways for your pet cats and dogs to be active. Even playing indoors enable pets to be physically engaged.

Physical activity is necessary for pets to develop mentally. If you fail to do this, your pets will manifest destructive behavior at home, and give you bigger problems for sure.

Make sure that your home is pet-friendly

After making sure that your pet is well fed, groomed and gets enough exercise, make sure that he has a place in your home. If you have a cat, make sure that she has a litter box and a feeding area.

Dogs need their feeding bowls and need to be hydrated most of the time. Provide adequate water for them.

Pets need a warm place to nap or sleep. A bed with a warm blanket should be provided.

Always keep in mind that pets will respect you as a parent if you provide them with the care that they need. It will be up to you to guide them towards good behavior and better health. If you are able to meet this, then you become the most loving pet owner, and your pets will make sure that your efforts are well reciprocated.

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