Choosing Between a Dog and a Cat for Your Pet

Ever found yourself in that tight spot where you have to choose between owning a cat or a dog? Most females prepare owning a cat while males prefer owning a dog. Sometimes it can be vice versa but there will be a moment where you have to choose one over the other.

They are very different animals and the way they interact with their owners is as different as night and day. The constant attention and playfulness of a dog is absent with cats, who tend to more or less transform into breathing house furniture. They just sit there and wait to be fed.

If you don’t know what works for you just yet, consider the following look at the pros and cons of each pet. You just might be able to decide which one is the best choice for you.

Pros of Getting a Dog

  • Pros of Getting a DogDogs are incredibly empathetic – a dog can read a person’s face better than any human. They know right from the moment you greet them whether you’re okay or if you’ve had a bad day. They might not understand how your world revolves but when you’re sad they’ll really try to cheer you up.
  • They’re the best alarms – dogs don’t need batteries, they don’t short-circuit, and they don’t turn off until their owner tells them to. Dogs are companions first, guards second, but there is no doubt you’ll be much safer with one in your home. Even the smallest dogs can be an avid watch guard.
  • Loyalty like no other – a dog will always love its owner, even when it isn’t fed or taken cared of properly. They don’t care if you’ve been cheated on your wife, if you lost your job, or if you are hated by the world. For them, you are their person and they will do everything to love and protect you.
  • Dogs are man’s best friend – they are always happy to see their owners and with a dog you will never feel lonely again.

Cons of Getting a Dog

  • Constant attention required – your dog needs your full attention. They need to be loved and held and played with, so if you don’t have the time to give your dog the light of day then they aren’t the pet for you.
  • Walks are a necessity – even when it’s raining, snowing, or you’re busy with a meeting you will need to walk your dog. They need the exercise more than anything else.
  • Costly – dogs require a lot of maintenance and they need a lot of toys and accessories. According to Petco or Petsmart, grooming a dog isn’t just to make it look pretty because their fur and coat has a lot to do with their health. It is costly and it takes time to train a dog with snacks and toys. It may not be just for fun since they influence their behavior.

Pros of Getting a Cat

  • Pros of Getting a CatLow-maintenance pet – you don’t have to play or talk with your cat. Cats will do just fine being ignored so long as they have their litter box, their bed, and their food. They will often just find a nice, cozy place and spend the rest of the day being lazy. Best of all, they bathe themselves.
  • Oddly affectionate – kittens love being scratched under the chin and they do require play time, unlike the adults. Adult cats can be very aloof and very often they don’t care but you’d be surprised when they jump onto your lap and just cuddle you for a few hours.
  • Affordable – cats don’t finish their food all at once so food is less expensive and they don’t need as many toys or accessories as a dog. They’re probably among the least expensive pets save for a fish living in a bowl.
  • Perfect for small and large places – cats don’t need walks and they don’t need much space to live in. They are perfectly fine in small houses and apartments so long as they clean themselves, eat, and sleep.

Cons of Getting a Cat

  • The litter box – the litter box should make cleaning easier but there is no doubt that it still gets gross to empty it out every other day. There are a lot accessories and gadgets meant to make this chore easier but even with all that said, it still feels like a chore.
  • Shedding – some breeds of cats shed and that can be a disaster for a lot of people, especially those suffering from asthma and other breathing difficulties. If you have a breathing issues then look for a breed of cat that is hypoallergenic.
  • Clawing – cats need to sharpen their claws so you can expect your couch, clothes, curtains, and more will be shredded into pieces sooner or later. You can declaw them so long as they don’t go outside – outside cats need claws for self-defense – but some animal rights’ movements say it’s a cruel thing to do.

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