Care for Your Pooch Right: Avoid these Common Diseases

In order to have a great home life balance, pet owners must be able to keep their pets healthy and disease free. This is because healthy pets make happy and stress free environments. You as the pet owner will be capable to focus on other things at home, without the trouble of taking charge of a disturbed dog, which can be exhausting and costly.

To be capable to avoid sickness with your dog, it is best to know what common diseases hit pet pooches the most. Create steps ad take the necessary precaution to avoid these common illnesses, and prevent further damage to your pet’s health.

Here are the most common diseases of dogs and how to prevent them.

Ear Infections

Ear InfectionsEar infection in dogs is usually caused by yeast, bacteria, ear mites, hair growth in the ear canal and allergies. Lack of grooming or care of the ears after baths or swimming usually cause bacteria to grow inside the ears.

Symptoms of ear infections are head shaking and ear odor. You will notice that your dog is vigorously scratching his ears and you will notice that the ear canal is red. The outer portion of the ears swell and there is brown, yellow or bloody discharge at the ears. Your dog will start showing unusual back and forth eye movements and he will appear lacking in balance.

Prevent ear infections in your dog by bringing him for regular grooming. Products and services by Petsmart are available for grooming services and trimming of hair in the ear canal, as well as coat cleaning and shining.

Make sure that your pet’s ears are clean and that his ears are plugged with cotton when you bathe him. It is also important to keep your pet’s ears dry at all times.


Dogs are commonly hit by worms, particularly tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and whipworms. Worms are deadly to dogs, and may cause more severe diseases and death.

Vets usually schedule deworming for several times within a year, but this is not enough to keep the worms out of your dog’s system. Only a vet will be able to know if your dog has worms but symptoms would include bloody discharge and weight loss. Your pet will stop eating or will start eating less.

Your pet’s condition will be more alarming when he becomes weak and his coat starts to get coarse. His appearance will generally appear poor and he will be inactive.

To avoid the occurrence of worms, make sure that your dog’s surroundings are clean. His waste should not be left indisposed so he will not play or eat it. Make sure that his beddings are also kept waste free.

Train him not to go through garbage bins or dumps. If you have a pest problem, treat it right away so you can stop the spread of disease at home.


Fleas are the most common problem among dogs. This is common because dogs can easily pick up fleas from other dogs or merely from his surroundings. Fleas also multiply fast. One flea can reproduce 1,000 bugs in only three weeks.

When your dog has fleas, he will be excessive scratching, licking or biting his skin. He will also show hair loss, swelling of the skin, tapeworms and flea dirt. Untreated dogs with flea manifest anemia, and are inactive.

Fleas are easily treatable. There are a wide variety of products that are available to treat fleas. While treating your pet, you should also make sure that your home is not infested with fleas. If your home is already infested, make sure to vacuum drapes, sofa and sheets constantly. Make sure that your home is vacuumed to stop the bugs from reproducing and their eggs are swept clean.

Hot Spots or Acute Dermatitis

Acute dermatitis, or more commonly known as hot spots are inflamed portions of the skin of dogs. This is usually caused by bacteria and is treated with anti-bacterial ointments, washes and in the worst case, antibiotics.

Vets can help you identify the cause of the hot spots. The location of the hot spot will determine from where the dog got the hot spot.

To avoid the occurrence of hot spots, make sure that the home is clean and all waste is properly disposed. Tapeworms in dogs cause occurrence of hot spots on the dog’s hips, and clean and pest-free surroundings will stop tapeworms from growing inside your dog’s system.

These common diseases among dogs can be avoided by doing basic prevention methods in the home and in your dog’s dwelling spaces. Take your pet to regular grooming sessions and be faithful to his grooming sessions at home. Avail of quality products from PetSmart to prevent these diseases from attacking your dog.

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