The Basics of Pet Parenting

Pets are like babies. They depend on us, pet parents, for survival. Any negligence on our part could be detrimental to them; hence, we need to give them the proper care to keep them happy, healthy, and smart.

How much do you love your pet? What are the things you do to make sure it lives a happy life? On this page, we will discuss about the important things you need to do when taking care of a furry baby.

How to Take Care of Pets

Raising a pet comes in different facets. Here are some basic pet care tips to guide you:

Don’t overfeed your pets.

Overfeeding puts your pets’ health at risk. They are more likely to have certain illnesses associated with obesity like arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Keep your pet’s ideal weight so that you’ll have more years to spend together.

Protect your pets from parasites.

External parasites like fleas irritate your pets’ skin; they may cause infection and hot spots. Tapeworm and heartworm are parasites that can invade your pets’ intestines. To protect your pets from infestation, ask your vet about parasite control.

Have your pets sprayed or neutered.

Responsible pet ownership means making decisions concerning your pet’s health. One of which is having them sprayed or neutered. The procedure promotes good health and longevity because it reduces the risk of uterine infection as well as breast and testicle cancer.  Likewise, it discourages mating; thus, decreasing the number of stray animals in the neighborhood.

Provide a stimulating environment.

Give your pets interactive toys designed for canine education like puzzles, treat mazes, spinners, and a lot more. These toys stimulate your pet’s mind as they keep it busy and engaged.  For a physically active pet, a stroll in the park will help; for it can keep the muscles trimmed and toned.

Meanwhile, meeting other dogs is socially stimulating as your pet gets to interact with other canines. With this kind of exposure, your pet will be a happy and smart buddy. The best way to expose your pet to other dogs is by taking it to day care centers like Dogtopia. You can find some that even comes with spa facility.

Annual vet visits are important.

As mentioned above, pets like humans get sick. They experience fever, colds, toothache, and other health concerns. Take time to see your veterinarian to check on your pet’s overall health condition. Have them vaccinated against rabies, hepatitis, distemper, and other common illnesses.

Human medicines are a no-no for your pets.

Human drugs are the most toxic materials for your pets, basically since these meds are not made for them. For example, these human meds can cause seizures, kidney damage, or cardiac arrests. That is why you should always keep them away from your pets. If your pet accidentally takes one, an immediate appointment with its vet becomes necessary.

Fresh water is a plus for your pets.

Just like humans, animals need enough water to drink. Always have fresh water available for your pet to keep it hydrated. Doing so also keeps it healthy and full of energy.

Always practice communication and relationship-creation with your pets.

Animals are social creatures, and pets value the time spent with them by their parents. For this, you should make it a point to always give time to your pet in any way you can. This will be very helpful to detect some early signs of disease leading to prevention, or correct some undesirable behaviors of your pet. You will also know more about your furry buddy as well as understand its needs.

Simple command training is good for your pets.

These simple commands when learned by your pets to follow will enhance their chances for a long and safe life. It will also create a deeper bond between the two of you.

Exercise with your pet.

Doing regular exercise with your pet is beneficial to both of you. Imagine, you and your pet get to be fit. Also, your buddy’s fitness equates to more enjoyable activities that it can participate in.

A regular visit to your vet can detect early signs of health issues or prevent such occurrences.


The moment you decide to have a pet is the moment you welcome a new family member in your household. Needless to say, it becomes your responsibility to protect and take care of it. You should be in the know of the right and wrong things to do, and you should be willing to give everything that your pet needs. In return, nothing compares to the love it can give back to you and the sense of fulfillment that you’re going to have.

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