The Art of Dressing Your Furry Friend

Looking cute is not so hard to do if you’re a dog, a cat or any house pet for that matter. But dressing your pet is not just about giving them fashionable pieces to look adorable. You must also be aware of your pet’s limitations, needs, and other demands to keep them safe and comfy in any wardrobe.

When Did It Start?

If you think that the business of dressing up pets grew just in recent years with pet stores and grooming providers like Petsmart, think again. This has been a practice since the days of old. There are documented proofs of all-dressed-up furry creatures that can be traced as far back as the 1800s. At that time, pet couture is a favorite subject among well known photographers like American lens man Harry Whittier Frees who did so for children’s books and postcards.

Afterwards, pet-dressing became a favorite playtime activity among kids. Many little girls used up their intricate doll costumes for their cats and dogs. Although it is much easier to find suitable clothing for your little friends these days, people back then were more creative. They created clothing from patches of fabrics available.

Pet Clothing Industry is at its Brightest

There is a significant rise in pet clothing demand these days. Various businesses that cater to pet owners looking for fashionable pet clothes for all occasion sprouted everywhere. The sky is actually the limit for the number of choices you can get your hands on, when it comes to pet costumes and wardrobes.

Acknowledging the phenomenon that pet dressing is for this generation, invitational events that feature cats and dogs in their best attire take place several times of the year. They offer an opportunity for pets and their owners to showcase how explosive, creative, and fashionable their pet’s dressers can be.

For pet owners, dressing up furry animals is mostly about having fun. While they could not imagine seeing themselves in ridiculous costumes, they can well enjoy the sight of a silly cat or an annoyed dog in well-trimmed outfits, and we all do. So whether it is for a show, to steal everyone’s attention, or to simply feed your pleasure cuddling up with an adorable pet, nothing should stop you from continuing. It’s a form of entertainment that affects everyone, even those who are not very fond of pets.

Dressing Up for the Season

There are tricks to dressing up to create a good impression and keeping your pets comfortable at the same time. Here are some useful guidelines:

  • Check the weather. Temperatures may range from end to end and you must keep track of how it will be for the day to ensure that you are dressing up your pet right. During winter, layering is key. Don’t worry because there is an enormous supply of fashionable coats, sweaters, and even snow boots to help cozy up your dear pet. For summer, you naturally have to trim down, sticking to clothing pieces that are made of light materials, vibrant colors, and the like.
  • Picking the right size is essential. The one size fits all principle does not apply when you are dressing up four legged animals. Different breeds command different requirements size-wise.
  • Keep it comfortable. This is also a reminder that you should not overdress your pet in ways more than it could carry. Do not just think about how many smiles your pet’s appearance could solicit, think about it’s comfort as well.
  • Check your pet clothes for any safety hazards. Nothing is wrong about dressing up your pets but make sure you are not putting its safety and health in jeopardy when you do so. Inspect the clothing for any safety issues like accessories that could cause choking.
  • Train your pets for dressing up. Some pets may not like dressing up at first since this is not natural to them. But they can get used to it with some training. Start putting them clothes for short periods of time and give them treats if they oblige. Gradually increase the time they wear their attires until they become comfortable having them on. Even when your pet is already at ease, remember not to put their clothes on for too long. That could cause overheating and chaffing.

Pet dressing has become a lifestyle, indeed. Just make sure that as you enjoy seeing your furry friend in a variety of attires, costumes, and whatnots, you will also be mindful of their comfort and safety. Finding the perfect fit in terms of size, shape, and material is crucial to keeping your pet happy and comfy.

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