7 Indoor Exercises for Dogs

An active dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog makes a happy home. But sometimes, exercise for our pets is not easy when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. It’s also a challenge to bring the dogs out when the days are shorter.

Dogs are animals which are supposed to keep active. They are supposed to hunt, socialize, and imbibe necessary survival skills. However, the modern age has completely changed all that. The role of our dogs are different now. However, it is still up to us to keep them on their social and active state. Dogs need to interact too, which is why engaging in activities with you, the owner, are important.

Here are 7 dog indoor exercises that will keep your dog active indoors, and provide you with the physical activity inside the house as well.

1. Run up and down the stairs.

Have your dog run with you as you go up and down the stairs. If it stops at something call it back. You can also use a toy and once you are at the top of the stairs, you can have him wait the bottom. Throw the toy for him to fetch. Make him climb the stairs again to bring the toy back to you.

2. Make him run on a treadmill.

Indoor Exercises for Dogs - Dog TreadmillThe treadmill is for dogs too. Most dogs are scared of treadmills, so be careful and firm in introducing this new gadget to his life. Tie his leash loosely on the handles and start with a slow speed. You can stand with it on the treadmill and give him treats as he is walking. This will make your dog identify the treadmill with a positive experience.

3. Hula-hoop

Hula-hoops are a great way to train your dog new tricks at the same time have it do a workout. Best to give it tricks after it makes it through the hoop. Also, you can create small obstacle courses inside the house with cushions and chairs that he can jump on or crawl through. Creating obstacles for the dog to get his food also teaches him the value of “working” for his food. This will teach our dog that you control the food supply, and the dog will learn to respect that

4. Go targeting.

Train your dog to reach the back of your hand with its nose. Targeting is a skill that is good for dogs to have, and helps them develop focus. This is a skill that you can use if they get distracted or agitated, and keep quiet while your dog has his nose on your hand.

5. Tug-of-war

If, and only if, you have a secure relationship with your dog, then you perform this exercise. Playing with a rope with your dog can turn on his viscous streak, so only engage it in rough play with your pet if you and him have a trusting relationship established, so that the dog understands that you are not doing this to hurt him.

6. Play fetch

Indoor Exercises for Dogs - Play fetchKeep away and have him play fetch. This will keep him energized and alert, harnessing his attention skills with accuracy and speed. This classic game also teaches the dog that it is you, the owner, who is under control and not the other way around.

7. Track the treats

Hide your pets’ treats under the rug, behind the chairs and sofa or under the bed to keep him busy and make him sniff around the house for his food. This is a good exercise that will keep him busy and alert, and pooped out enough afterwards to keep silent.

Dogs make great companions and are fun to be with. Having them engage in exercise will make them alert and healthy. Look after their well-being by using quality dog food and treats. Use products by Petco to ensure the quality of dog food and treats as well as grooming essentials.

The way we treat our pets are important. Think of it as treating another member of the house, or another child, or your best friend. They need our support and companionship and having a yard is not enough to fulfill their exercise requirement. This is why when engaging in indoor exercises, it is important that you are there with the dog, and not just tossing the ball around the house while you’re watching TV. Bonding and socialization in important to dogs too, and they would feel the warmth of your company and you will have a more trusting relationship. This, of all else, builds the harmony between you, your home and your pet, and makes both of you healthier and stress free.

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