6 Ways to Live Harmoniously with a Rottweiler

Rottweilers have such a bad rep. They are known to be aggressive and prone to destroying livestock and property. They can test you, challenge your authority and get into sticky situations that can be a headache to a person who doesn’t know how to handle them. Most of all, they are huge dogs and takes a lot of caring after. Their intelligence is oftentimes impressive, but sometimes they get too smart and create more harm than good.

To the person who has problems exercising authority, caring for a Rottweiler can be a headache. But with the right ways of loving him, a Rottweiler can manifest obedience, intelligence, loyalty and most of all, companionship to the end. They get a bad reputation because a lot of people have problems standing their ground, as even for other dog breeds, this causes issues of authority, the rottie starts to think that it is the boss and not the other way around. One thing leads to another – you end up with a rottie that is chained, muzzled, kept in the cage and kept away in seclusion. Worse, they end up being beaten, scarred and euthanized because of their aggressive behavior.

Here are ways to effectively manage your Rottweiler and establish a harmonious relationship with it.

1. Master the breed.

You, the owner, should do proper research and study your dog’s behavior. Rottweilers are very smart and can smell weakness a mile away. Most rottweilers are victims of abuse because most people cannot assert themselves, and they resort to useless violence when disciplining their dogs. Some of them can’t exercise authority at all. Always exercise firmness in a calm manner as the Rottweiler does not take conflicts well. They can be violent and have an anger streak that can be difficult to handle. Always let your rottie know that you are his boss and what you say goes. Do not try to express gentleness, like cuddling or petting, when he is in the wrong. He will interpret your gentleness with weakness.

2. Keep him active.

Rottweiler playing fetchRottweilers are active dogs. They are working dogs and he knows that it is his job to protect you and the family. Always remember to walk him or have him engage in activities which will keep him moving like playing fetch. If you have trained him well, he would love the dog park as he is a social animal too.

3. Do not tie him up.

Most irresponsible rottie owners tie their dogs up because they can’t discipline them properly. This is a big mistake. The more that rotties are tied up, the more they behave badly. This is because rotties want to be constantly on the move, and being tied up will just limit their movements. Remember that rotties are working dogs and when they are tied up, they think they are being useless and not doing their jobs.

4. Feed him right.

Rottweiler eyeing foodHigh quality products from Petco have just the right amount of nutrients for your rottie, but do not overfeed him. Rotties are pre-disposed to hip problems and making it obese will make his situation worse. Regular consultations and weigh-ins with your vet will help in monitoring his weight and the vet will tell you if you’re overfeeding him or not. By practice, three cups a day of dog food is enough. Keep him hydrated and make sure that he has access to water all the time. The working dog needs his water!

5. Make him work!

The best way to train a rottie is to make it work. This dog is so smart that you can teach him to fetch tools for you. But since he knows that he is your top security staff, have him do basic guard duty by allowing him to go around your yard. Teach him the difference between friend and foe. He will learn right away and he will be so thankful for the work too.

6. Groom him more than bathe him.

Rotties have short hair and have double coats. Make sure that he is brushed several times a week because he sheds a lot of hair and brushing him will control the unwated hairfall. Do not bathe him unless he is really dirty as rotties are prone to dandruff and bathing him will only make it worse.

Caring for a Rottweiler can be complicated and a little more challenging than owning a poodle or a Labrador. But the rottie can be exceptionally protective, intelligent and useful to you once you practice control and assert yourself in a way that your dog would understand. Enforce your rules and train him in a consistent manner, and you will have a dog that is efficient and caring as well.


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