5 Ways to Care for Your Cat’s Teeth

Having a cat is not only fun but simply addicting. That warm and fuzzy feeling that you get from snuggling with your cat is indeed priceless. Cats are loving animals, and they crave attention, and the more you give it to them, the more they will give back.

House cats are not only loving animals. They have a high sense of hearing and smelling, that’s why they can easily track where a mouse is. They also are good with their bodies, very flexible and agile. We love them because they make a good house buddy. Their diet is carnivorous, meaning they only eat meat, and they love chewing on bones. This is why their teeth structure is mostly pointed and it hurts a lot when they take a snip of you.

But having a cat as a pet is not all fun and games. Our cats need more from us to keep them healthy and well-groomed. As a fact, most pet owners tend to ignore common grooming essentials for pets. What we don’t realize is the more we ignore our pets’ grooming, the more problems that will arise in the long run.

Cats’ teeth in general are usually taken for granted too. Most of us do not even know that cats’ teeth should be maintained too, just as what we do to our own. Periodontal disease is common among cats. Most of us are unaware that periodontal disease, when not prevented or cured, will lead to graver diseases that usually attack the kidneys, lungs and heart.

To avoid these heart-breaking situations, follow these 6 easy ways to care for your cat’s teeth.

1. Take your cat to the vet.

Care for Your Cat's Teeth - Visit a vetIf you notice a build-up of brown substances, or tartar on your cat’s teeth, take her to the vet for descaling. This is a process where the vet scrapes the tartar off and works near the gum line.

Be alert for signs of tartar buildup in your pet’s teeth. If untreated, your cat’s teeth will separate from the gums, and cause inflammation in the mouth.

2. Brush her teeth.

Most cat teeth supplies are readily available in pet stores or vet clinics. Another cheap alternative is a soft gauze. Wrap the gauze around your finger and try to clean one or two teeth. Only use feline toothpaste and not human toothpaste, as chemicals in human toothpaste can be lethal to cats. Cats might not like the brushing at first but will grow to like it once she is used to it. Cats love being pampered. If she is fuss-free, offer her a treat or reward for good behavior.

Cleaning her teeth once or twice a week will keep bacteria away, avoiding issues like gingivitis and worse, her teeth falling off!

3. Massage her gums.

If your cat is being difficult and just refuses to be prodded, start massaging her jaw and mouth. As you run your fingers in a circular motion, slowly work your way to inside her mouth, then stop. Do this for a couple of days till she gets used to your finger in her mouth.

4. Give her abrasive treats.

If your cat still refuses to be brushed, get dental treats. These are treats that have an abrasive texture and clean teeth while she’s chewing on it. These treats contain Vitamin E, selenium, taurine and antiseptics that control tartar buildup. These treats will also protect her gums from bleeding, and later on prevent more serious diseases such as mouth ulcers and cysts.

5. Use a dental care additive.

Care for Your Cat's Teeth - Use dental water additiveThese are available at the vet’s clinic. This additive can be added to her water to rinse off the bacteria in her mouth. She might not like the odd taste though. If she refuses, try a dental spray.

Caring for your cat’s teeth is essential, but mostly ignored. Other grooming essentials like nail and ear cleaning might also be taken for granted. Always remember that grooming is very important to the upkeep of your pet’s health, and services rendered by Petcare and PetSmart are always handy. If we ignore our cat’s teeth, diseases like gingivitis, stomatitis, rodent ulcer and salivary cyst are only a few diseases that will affect your pet.

Cats are adorable creatures. They are known for their playful and obedient nature, and most of all, they aim to be pleased. Most cats will eventually like a good teeth cleaning. Taking good care of your cat, through giving it the proper grooming, will not only make your cat happy, but save you from a lot of headaches in the future. Eventually, your cat will get into the habit, as it is rare for cats to refuse it.

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